Why you shouldn’t bribe your child to brush their teeth

August 10, 2021


It’s a parent’s last resort.

When it comes to convincing your child to brush and floss, it can be very tempting to take the easy way out and offer them an extra thirty minutes before bed time or a sugar-filled treat of their choice the next day.

But don’t do it!

Why Bribery Is A Bad Idea

For starters, bribing your child to brush their teeth can send a negative subliminal message. It can cause your child to believe that brushing their teeth isn’t something they should want to do, rather than an activity that keeps them healthy.

Bribery can also have the unintended consequences of telling your child they’re incapable of good behaviour without being bought off first.

It can also result in a continuous cycle of “upping the ante” where parents have to make their bribes more and more enticing to win their child’s cooperation.

Finally, bribing your child to brush their teeth could cause your child to think healthy oral habits are only important to adults when they should be important to everyone!

So, what can a parent who wants to avoid turning to bribery do to persuade their children to brush and floss?

The answer is simple, but often easier said than done.

Make Brushing Fun!

Here at Brushalot, we’ve mastered the impossible by making brushing a creative, imagination, play-based, experience.

Whether it’s the award-winning Brushalot storybook, the plush Incisor doll that comes with every kit, the blue nightlight that alerts the Tooth Fairy when your child loses a tooth, or the fun activity sheets available on our website, every part of our program is designed to healthy habits entertaining!

Do yourself a favour!

Cut the bribes, stop re-enforcing bad behaviour, and pick up your Brushalot kit today to make brushing fun for your little one!


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