Introducing Plaque Friday!

October 29, 2021

Neighbourhood children gathered for trick or treating

You’ve heard of Black Friday, a day marked by chaos as people flock to department stores to start their holiday shopping. 

But have you heard of “Plaque Friday?”

Launched by Brushalot in 2021, Plaque Friday is an annual day of awareness founded to teach kids about the dangers plaque and tartar pose to their oral health. 

Always the Friday before Halloween, when candy and sugary snacks are available in abundance, Plaque Friday is a chance for parents to preemptively talk to their kids about why moderation and healthy oral habits – like brushing and flossing – are key to protecting their teeth. 

So please, remember to mark Plaque Friday in your household! 

To help you teach your kids about the perils of poor oral health this Plaque Friday, check out our special Plaque Primer. 

In addition to talking to your kids about how to avoid tooth decay this Plaque Friday, consider marking the occasion by gifting them some flavoured dental floss.

And don’t forget to finish Plaque Friday with a reading of the Brushalot story book so your child can relive the battle against the heinous Tartar Troopers and their evil overlord, Prince Plaque! 

On behalf of the entire team at Brushalot, we wish you and your little ones good oral health this Plaque Friday – and every day! 


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