The Best Time To Brush!

September 28, 2021

Mum and Daughter brushingEvery parent has been there.

Trying to convince - sometimes in vain - your child to brush their teeth twice a day is a battle that every parent has faced at some point or another.

Sometimes school-aged kids convince themselves they only need to brush once a day.

At this age, kids are just starting to become body conscious, leading them to brush their teeth in the morning willingly.

After all, who wants bad breath or yellow teeth in front of their friends?

At nighttime, however, it’s often a different story. With the superficial reasons for brushing off the table, too many kids go to bed without cleaning their teeth.

So, is it really that bad?

Nighttime - Don't Let it Slide!

At least they’re brushing once a day, so we can let it slide, right?


While it’s optimal to brush in the morning and before going to bed, the truth is nighttime oral health care is decidedly more important.

During the day, saliva production prevents food particles and bacteria from sticking to your teeth, which can cause cavities.

At night, however, our bodies produce significantly less saliva, meaning the bacteria that’s built up all day stays resting on your teeth all night, too.

Plus, skipping nighttime brushing increases your child’s chances of developing gum disease, which can cause bleeding, receding gums, and even lost teeth!

Brushalot: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

The best way to ensure your child develops healthy oral habits – including nighttime brushing – is to use the power of fun to teach them about the importance of cleaning their teeth at a young age.

Learn more about how our Brushalot kit helps parents do the impossible and make brushing fun!


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