Adventures of Brushalot

Healthy dental habits start with a great story.

“Brushalot excites children's imagination and motivates them to have healthy dental habits” - USA Today

Mom’s Choice Award Gold Medal for Educational Products.
National Parenting Product Awards
Academics’ Choice Brain Toy Award

How Brushalot helps families

Your family routines just got easier.

Children will love to brush their teeth.

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Upgrade your Tooth Fairy visit.

A modern twist on a classic family tradition.

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Brushalot does the impossible - it gets children excited about brushing their teeth!

Children love this book. The story will have them eager to brush their teeth. Yes, it’s that awesome. Don’t just take our word for it: read the reviews.

Brushalot helps children build healthy habits that stick!

Brushalot will develop healthy dental habits in your children. The storybook engages children in a way that motivates them to brush and answers the many questions they have about the Tooth Fairy.

A visit from the Tooth Fairy is a big moment - let’s upgrade her visit.

A lost tooth is a milestone. Brushalot® uses this moment to teach children healthy habits while upgrading visits from the Tooth Fairy. Children love Incisor - the plush toy who keeps their lost tooth safe. Parents love the nightlight - which reminds them of the Tooth Fairy’s visit.

Free Downloads

Designed and approved activities for children

At Brushalot, building healthy dental habits that stick and upgrading the Tooth Fairy’s visit is what we're all about. There’s no better way to keep the fun going and reinforce the healthy habits children learn than by free downloads and activities. Created to entertain and educate, these activities inspire play and healthy habits. Your children will love them (and you'll thank us for it).