Adventures of Brushalot

Brushalot gets Children to brush and have fun doing it!

Getting children to brush their teeth can be hard.

Brushalot helps you create strong oral health habits in your children.

Upgrade visits from the Tooth Fairy, creating magic for your family.

Hero scene from the Adventures of Brushalot storybook, featuring the tooth Fairy, General Floss, Sir Brushalot, Incisor, and the Knights of Floss as well as villagers of all ages from Pearly White City.

Meet Our Characters


A cute book about the tooth fairy, your teeth and good healthy habits.

Interesting & fun way to promote healthy habits and by the end the kids are no longer in the bedroom, so you can figure out where they are at. This book grew on me, and the more I thought about it the more I liked it. Cute illustrations, and a neat story, I think this is a great book for kids of any age since we really are never too old to make sure we practice healthy habits!!!

This is a fun little bedtime story for when kids start to loose their teeth, it helps them learn the importance of brushing their teeth properly to avoid bad things happening to them.

And the fun activity pages are super fun and informative for the kids We had fun learning the different types of teeth that help us chew our food..

While my inner dental hygienist cringed at the explanation of how adult teeth are formed the parent in me thought that this book was a great introduction to dental hygiene.

The author does a great job of making dental hygiene fun by introducing us to the evil Prince Plaque and explaining how we all need to fight him and his Tartar Troopers.

Wide view of the Kingdom of Brushalot, including Pearly White City in the foreground and Cavity Castle on a hill in the background. The Tooth Fairy, Sir Brushalot, Incisor, and General Floss are all featured.