Children will love to brush their teeth.
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“Brushalot excites children's imagination and motivates them to have healthy dental habits” - USA Today


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Brushalot® Tooth Fairy Kit

Chosen by Parents, Grandparents, and Dental Professionals as the go-to resource for a little extra help when getting children motivated to brush their teeth. Brushalot helps develop healthy dental habits and upgrades the Tooth Fairy’s visit.


What is Brushalot

(and How Does It Work?)

Do you know a child who hates to brush their teeth? Or resists it every step of the way? Do you wish your little one would embrace brushing their teeth instead of saying ‘no’ and putting up a fight?

Imagine a world where morning and nighttime routines with your child didn’t involve pain and frustration, and getting them to brush their teeth was as easy as 1-2-3?

Brushalot’s award-winning Tooth Fairy Kit motivates children to brush their teeth, helping them develop healthy dental habits that stick. Brushalot really does make brushing teeth fun for children which leads to good dental habits that parents love.

The Magic of Brushalot.

Engaging Storybook

Our engaging and entertaining storybook will grab your child’s imagination and educate them on why it’s important to brush their teeth. The book also answers the many pointed questions they have about the Tooth Fairy.


Incisor is the soft, high-quality cuddly toy that comes with the Tooth Fairy Kit. He’s the perfect partner to reinforce those healthy habits with your child while also keeping their lost tooth safe during a Tooth Fairy visit.

Magic Nightlight

The Brushalot Magic Nightlight helps your child signal the Tooth Fairy when they’ve brushed their teeth and - more importantly - let her know when a lost tooth is ready for pickup.

Three Steps To Healthy Habits

Healthy habits without the fuss. Brushalot builds healthy habits and develops routines in your little ones that parents and dentists love. Each element of the Brushalot Tooth Fairy Kit builds awareness and understanding in children about why they should brush their teeth.


Read the Book!

Hold their attention with magic and wonder.

Read the Adventures of Brushalot: Tale of the Tooth Fairy. In the book, your child will learn about the Tooth Fairy and why it’s important for children to brush their teeth. Your child will love this book. Don’t just take our word for it, read what parents are saying about Brushalot.


Practice Healthy Habits

Brush their teeth!

After reading the book, make sure your little one brushes their teeth! Practice the healthy dental habits they learn from the book fighting back Prince Plaque and the Tartar Troopers. Incisor and the Magic Nightlight reinforce the importance of good dental habits and clean teeth.


Reinforce Healthy Habits

Free activities to strengthen the lessons learned in the book!

Brushalot comes with free activity pages to reinforce the lessons learned. Created to entertain and educate, these activities inspire play and healthy habits and will teach your child about how to care for their teeth, while also educating them (and you) about when and what to expect when they lose a tooth. The activity pages coupled with Incisor and the Magic Nightlight mean your child will love their new routines (and you'll thank us for them).

What Parents and Dentists are Saying

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