About Us

Welcome to Brushalot® — where the magic of the Tooth Fairy and our focus on the importance of dental health improves the lives of families everywhere.

Brushalot® was founded in Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic by two parents who wanted to solve a pair of problems families face everywhere: how to motivate children to brush their teeth and how to answer the pointed questions children have about the Tooth Fairy.

The world of Brushalot® was created to help children learn about their teeth while building healthy dental habits in an exciting and interactive format.

Brushalot® helps make brushing teeth fun for children which leads to good dental habits that parents love. 

Brushalot® is a dedicated to building healthy dental habits in children while bringing the Tooth Fairy to life for families through consumer products, entertainment-based content, and experiences.


Create new family traditions by tapping into the magic of children’s imaginations and teaching the importance of dental health.


To inspire families to smile through engaging content, stories, experiences, and products grounded in the importance of dental health and the magic of the Tooth Fairy.


Helping children and their families smile from the inside out.


Inspiring, Imaginative, Fun, Engaging, and Accessible