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Brushalot® Tooth Fairy Kit

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Each Brushalot® Kit comes with:

Children’s Storybook

The storybook will have children excited about brushing their teeth while also answering the many pointed questions about the Tooth Fairy. The book comes with a keepsake journal to keep track of your child's teeth and dental visits, as well as fun activity pages to keep them entertained!

Stuffed Toy

Children love Incisor - the plush toy who keeps their lost tooth safe. This high-quality plush is perfect for children to use anytime, whether it’s going to bed or using it as a comfort when they are visiting the dentist. As children learn from the book, Incisor is Sir Brushalot’s noble and beloved sidekick horse.

Children’s Plug-in Nightlight

This delightful nightlight is perfect for every child’s bedroom! The nightlight has two settings: soft white and blue. The nightlight can be used every night. Press the nightlight once to glow soft white. When that magical moment comes, press the button twice so it glows Brushalot blue to let the Tooth Fairy know a tooth is ready to be picked up.

Why Brushalot?

Brushalot does the impossible: it gets children excited about brushing their teeth!

Brushalot helps children develops healthy dental habits that stick!

A visit from the Tooth Fairy is a big moment. Brushalot upgrades her visit!

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Shipping and Returns

We offer free shipping on all orders. We also have a 30-day, no-questions-asked return policy. If you're not happy with the product, we'll provide you with a full refund. Returned Brushalot® kits will be donated to shelters for at-risk communities and public libraries.

Free Downloads

Designed and approved activities for children

At Brushalot, building healthy dental habits that stick and upgrading the Tooth Fairy’s visit is what we're all about. There’s no better way to keep the fun going and reinforce the healthy habits children learn than by free downloads and activities. Created to entertain and educate, these activities inspire play and healthy habits. Your children will love it (and you'll thank us for it).