June 15, 2021

Children hugging Incisor

Families know and love Incisor, the beloved sidekick of Sir Brushalot. 

A mighty stallion, Incisor is known throughout Pearly White City as being the bravest of Brushalot’s Royal Horse Guards.

But, to your child, Incisor can be much more than that!

Incisor can be a brave best friend and can help children overcome their fears of going to the dentist.

Stuffed Animals Help!

Every Brushalot kit comes with a stuffed Incisor for your child to bond with.

Research has shown that stuffed animals are a pivotal part of a child’s development, assisting with socialization, language, enhancing the imagination, and building a sense of independence.

Just as important, stuffed animals can help make your child comfortable and instill confidence during scary situations – like visiting the dentist.

Familiar Faces in Unusual Places

It’s not unusual for a trip to the dentist to give children the jitters or anxiety.

Unusual places and faces, frightful sounds like drills and chair adjustments, and unflattering portrayals in TV and movies can all contribute to your child experiencing negative feelings about going to the dentist.

But with their pal Incisor at their side, your child can enjoy a sense of security and companionship, which can help contribute to making the dentist less scary.

That’s why we recommend encouraging your child to build a relationship with Incisor and telling them about how brave he is – at the dentist’s office! 

So, before that next dentist visit, be sure to have your child spend some time with Incisor and remind them that their buddy will be with them every step of the way.


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