Five helpful tips to protect your child’s teeth this Halloween

October 22, 2021

Mother with multi racial children trick or treating

It’s a fact – Halloween is one of the most fun times of the year for little ones.

The fun scares and laughs, the elaborate costumes, and, most of all, the sugary candy distributed at doorsteps all contribute to making Halloween one of your family’s most memorable experiences.

With that being said, Halloween can also be one of the most dangerous times of the year for your child’s oral health. Without maintaining a proper balance, sugary treats on demand lead to cavities and other oral health problems for our little ones.

That’s why the team at Brushalot has put together these five special tips to help you and your little ones ensure their teeth stay healthy this Halloween.

Choose a “Treat Time” following Halloween

Setting aside a special time every day (or every few days) after Halloween has two benefits. First, it can make your child’s candy last much longer (a big benefit for them). But having a special “Treat Time” also teaches children that junk food shouldn’t be consumed whenever their heart desires. It’s all about moderation!

A defined “Treat Time” may also help your child be less likely to think about eating candy throughout the day – another plus!

Time for a new toothbrush?

One way to reenforce the importance of good oral health habits is to mark Halloween by giving your child a new toothbrush featuring one of their favourite cartoon characters before going to bed. Make a fun new toothbrush part of your family’s Halloween tradition.

Consider donating some of your child’s excess candy to a good cause

Let’s face it, no kid needs a garbage bag full of candy! Halloween affords you the opportunity to teach your child about the importance of charitable giving in a way that is meaningful and tangible to them.

Do some research to identify local charities, food banks, or shelters who could make use of some extra candy, and have your child set aside a portion to give to those less fortunate. It’s a great way to get rid of some Halloween candy and help your child come to know the joy of helping others.

Just remember to be sure you know the rules for donating unopened candy to your cause of choice before dropping it off!

Double down on flossing this Halloween

Flossing is important year-round, but especially so at Halloween! Sticky candies such as Tootsie Rolls, Starbursts, Skittles, and gummy bears are the worst for your child’s oral health because they easily get stuck in the crevices of teeth and are rarely washed away by saliva.

The sugar, in turn, is free to eat away your child’s teeth and cause cavities. But flossing is one way to prevent sticky candy tooth decay!

Take advantage of the Halloween season to speak with your child about the impact candy has on their teeth – especially when it gets stuck between crevices – and teach them about the importance of flossing!

Cap off Halloween by reading your child the Brushalot storybook!

There’s no reason for the fun not to extend into bedtime – even after your child’s candy has been put away for the night!

Halloween is a prime occasion to break out the Brushalot story book and relive the adventures of Sir Brushalot, Incisor, General Floss, and the Tooth Fairy as they work to keep the Pearly White City safe from Prince Plaque and his Tartar Troopers!

Remind your child that they need to be extra vigilant to prevent against attacks from Prince Plaque and the Tartar Troopers during Halloween!


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