A modern twist on a classic family tradition.
Your Tooth Fairy visit just got better.

“Brushalot excites children's imagination and motivates them to have healthy dental habits” - USA Today


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Brushalot® Tooth Fairy Kit

Chosen by Parents, Grandparents, and Dental Professionals as the go-to resource for a little extra help when getting children motivated to brush their teeth. Brushalot helps develop healthy dental habits and upgrades the Tooth Fairy’s visit.


Brushalot’s Tooth Fairy Tradition

Imagine a world where the Tooth Fairy visit wasn’t just another tooth under the pillow, but instead, involved an enchanting storybook, soft cuddly toy, and a nightlight that ensured the Tooth Fairy never forgot to show up? That’s the magic of Brushalot.

When a child loses a tooth, it's a big milestone worth celebrating. Brushalot turns this life moment into an upgraded visit from the Tooth Fairy that your family will treasure for a lifetime.

The storybook will have your children excited about brushing their teeth while the stuffed toy and nightlight will ensure they’ll never forget the wonder of the Tooth Fairy’s visit.

Brushalot: As easy as 1-2-3


Read the Book!

Hold their attention with magic and wonder.
Read the Brushalot storybook and learn about the Tooth Fairy, where she comes from, who her friends and family are, and why she needs your little one’s baby teeth. Before or after reading the storybook, make sure your little one brushes their teeth! What is the Brushalot storybook all about? Read more here.


No more rooting underneath pillows to find a lost tooth!
Children love Incisor - the plush toy who keeps their lost tooth safe. This toy stuffy has two saddle pockets: one for your child’s lost tooth and one for the Tooth Fairy to leave money. Once you've placed the lost tooth in Incisor’s saddle, leave the stuffy at the end of the bed so the Tooth Fairy can find it when she arrives. No more rooting underneath pillows to find a lost tooth - Incisor makes sure it's kept safe and is an easy pickup for the Tooth Fairy.

Brushalot’s Magic Nightlight!

Never forget a Tooth Fairy pickup!
This is the most important step – making sure the Tooth Fairy knows she’ll have a pickup that night. When that magic moment arrives to call her for visit, press the nightlight button twice so it glows Brushalot blue to let the Tooth Fairy know a tooth is ready to be picked up. Parent’s know every once in a while the Tooth Fairy forgets to show up, so the nightlight is a friendly reminder to ensure she arrives. In the morning, your child will wake to experience the magic of a visit from the Tooth Fairy.

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