What Gets Measured, Gets Done

June 22, 2021

Child brushing their teeth

Does your child struggle to remember to brush their teeth?

Are you trying to teach your little one responsibility?

Is developing healthy habits important to you as a parent?

If you answered yes to any one of those questions, then Brushalot’s free Tooth Brushing Charts are a must-have for your home as they help make brushing easy for your child!

What Gets Measured, Gets Done

As many parents know from the workplace, "what gets measured, gets done."

This also applies to helping your child developing good teeth brushing habits.

Our free Tooth Brushing Chart, which you can download in a weekly or monthly format, makes brushing fun, simple, and impossible to forget!

For added fun, your little one can colour the tooth representing each morning or nighttime brushing session to help keep track.

Then at the end of the week (or day), your child can colour one of the Brushalot characters featured on their chart – even more fun!

Or you might want to consider placing small stickers on the teeth if that’s your kid’s thing! Whatever works!

Rewards: They Help!

Your Tooth Brushing Chart can also encourage healthy habits by coming with the promise of a reward.

Consider allowing your child to enjoy a special treat or some extra time before being sent to bed for achieving certain milestones, determined by you, on their Tooth Brushing Chart.

Your child’s Brushalot-themed Tooth Bushing Chart will help build a lifetime of good oral health habits and help develop self-esteem by leaving them with a true sense of accomplishment.

Click on the images below to download your charts!

30 Day Tooth Brushing Chart  7 Day Tooth Brushing Chart


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